Combining Napoleonic Blue & Versailles Chalk Paint

In this project Sherry transforms a small chair by combining contrasting colours and creating a striking striped effect.

chalk paint projects

Annie Sloan recently launched a new chalk paint colour – Napoleonic Blue and Sherry has been busy transforming tired looking furniture with it. In a previous article we looked at how she used it on a small Demi-Lune table.

With this latest Chalk Paint Project, Sherry has used the Napoleonic Blue and combined it with Versailles – a striking combination!

This could be an unassuming small chair, but with a combination of Chalk Paint and masking tape Sherry has created something that really stands out.

Sherry started by painting the seat and back of the chair in the Versailles, once this was dry she used masking tape to mark where the stripes would go, and then used the Napoleonic Blue for both the legs of the chair and the striped elements.

The masking tape ensured that the stripes have crisp edges which adds to the sharpness of this design.

Once both colours were dry, Sherry applied a coat of Clear Soft Wax which has given the chair a soft sheen.