Painting an old bike with Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be used on metal without the need for a lot of preparation. Sherry decided to transform this old bike using Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan fabric. 

chalk paint projects

The thing you'll keep hearing about Chalk Paint is that you can paint on any surface, at first people are disbelieving but its true, and as this blog progresses you will see Sherry & I paint on a variety of different surfaces.

In the past painting on metal has been a lengthly and sometimes difficult task, with you having to apply primers and several coats of finish, but with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you can paint straight onto the metal just like you would onto wood, with no preparation.

Sherry came across an old bike and thought she would show just how easy it is to paint on metal. The bike is still rideable, but is used outside the shop as a unique way of saying 'we stock Chalk Paint!'

Sherry chose a combination of Provence and English Yellow for the frame of the bike, painting straight onto the metal with no more preparation than dusting off the cobwebs.

One thick coat was applied of each colour, the bike was turned upside down to paint the underside first, and then turned upright to finish off. Once painted, Sherry recommends that you stand back to see if any areas have been missed, if they have just apply more paint to these areas, you don't need to do any preparation between coats.

As the bike is stored outside, wax isn't applied so the bike has a matt finish. It seems almost too good to be true, but you can use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint very successfully outside. When it rains the chalk paint finish becomes darker, but dries back to its original colour once the rain has stopped!

To finish the bike, Sherry painted the basket in Old White and the sign in Primer Red. She also covered the battered old seat with Annie Sloan Fabric - Emmeline Yellow, which we stock in the shop.