Painting over old varnish with Chalk Paint

This dresser had been painted in the past and a coat of varnish had been applied to make it more durable. Sherry wanted to change the look using Chalk Paint - the great thing is she could do this with very little preparation.

chalk paint projects

Painting furniture is not new, but in the past it wasn’t as simple as applying one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! In the past you would use eggshell or gloss paints which would need priming, and then another couple more coats. A quicker option was to use an emulsion paint and then protect it with a clear varnish.

It was this second method that Sherry used some years ago on the dresser in her kitchen, which had originally been pine. At the time Sherry had used a non-yellowing varnish, but despite what it said on the tin it had developed a yellow tinge, not the look she wanted!

So now Sherry has access to Chalk Paint, she has repainted. One thick coat of Country Grey on the cupboard fronts and shelves and Old White on the back of the dresser, and inside the draws and cupboards.

When applying a thick coat on projects of this size you are bound to miss bits, but this isn’t a problem, once the paint is dry just simply go over the spots you’ve missed.

Once the paint was dry Sherry applied a coat of clear soft wax, the whole project was completed in an afternoon – that’s how quick it is to create a transformation with Chalk Paint!