Transforming a set of dining chairs with Chalk Paint

In this project we look at how Sherry transformed a set of brown wood dining chairs using Annie Sloan Original CHALK PAINT.

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Sherry has recently  been transforming a set of dining chairs with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT.

The set of four chairs are very unassuming brown wood, picked up for a few pounds at an auction, but Sherry could see that within a few hours they could become a functional addition to the dining room!

Sherry chose Annie Sloan Original Chalk Paint, which is a subtle off white shade.

Sherry applied one thick coat, all over the chairs - remember with Chalk Paint you paint straight onto the surface without having to do any preparation. Sherry started by turning the chairs upside down to paint the underneath first, and then turned them upright to finish off - this is a good process for any of your Chalk Paint Projects.

Once the first coat has been applied Sherry recommends standing back to see if you've missed any areas, and touching up as necessary, again you just paint straight on with no need to sand between coats.

Once the paint was dry, Sherry lightly sanded around the detail to distress it slightly, she then applied a coat of clear soft wax, applying it with a lint free cloth, leaving it to dry and then buffing up.

You can clearly see the before and after effects of sanding and waxing in the photo below:

To refresh the seats of the chairs Sherry chose a blue and white ticking fabric, which compliments the Original Chalk Paint colour.

Once completed the chairs were put together with a small round table creating a modern, function dining set.

Inspired to do your own Chalk Paint Project? Well, start by choosing your Chalk Paint colour: